What/Where is the Berkshire Energy Vortex?!

We’ve known what it is for a long time…

“…the Berkshire Energy Vortex is an ethereal, feel-good energy field emanating from the mountains that has healing and spiritual powers that have drawn writers, musicians and artists for decades. Believers say they sense, feel and see a sometimes whirling, often hovering energy field created by the triangular alignment of Mount Greylock and October and Monument Mountains that makes the air fresher, the atmosphere calmer and outlooks clearer. Others trace this atmospheric contentment to a spiritualism embedded in the earth eons ago by the Mahkeenac Indians….”

-Boston Globe, Oct. 15, 1997

But, where?  For 15 years the party planners of IS183 have combed the Berkshires looking for the apex of the vortex, the hub, the center, and finally, we’ve found it!  The Big Bang is your chance to visit the origin of this epic energy field.

Join us on Saturday March 9 at…  the Lenox Commons, 55 Pittsfield Road, Lenox.  Newly discovered site of The Berkshire Energy Vortex!

Special thanks to Dave Ward and Family for allowing us all entree to the Berkshires magnetic center, for this night only.