Big Bang fashion transmission received!

It has arrived!

Images from the vortex, where swinging Sally’s, buff Biffs, and robotic Roberts are twirling through the cosmic vibes, getting ready for The Big Bang.

Big Bang fashion transmission received!

Again, special thanks to photographer Bill Wright, Be*Spoke Costuming, Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Hair Stylist Amanda Napior, and all our models who made this such a great shoot.

Feel free to contact these cosmic cats if you see a costume, up do, lipstick, or shot you like.

Haven’t got your ticket to the vortex yet? Well, click here and join the swirl.

A full list of the good eggs that made the shoot possible:

Iredale 2 bespoke3

Amanda Napior, Hair

Amy Butterworth, Cookies

Bill Wright, Photography

Catherine Delphia, Creative Direction

Rebecca Weinman, Set Design and Cat Wrangling

Yuki Cohen, Make-up

and of course to our fabulous models…

Aaron Dunn
Amanda Napior
Billy Keene
Catherine Delphia
Emily Moreas
Danielle Steinmann
Jeff Napior
Jenn Gomez
Mark Pedrotti
Nancy Jane Fitzpatrick
Scott Moreas
Waterfall Perry
Yuki Cohen

The Big Bang at the Berkshire Energy Vortex: AN ELECTRO SWING AFFAIR

6PM dinner reserve your tickets now!

9PM dance party and silent auction
LENOX COMMONS, 55 Pittsfield Road, Lenox

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