2013 Committee

Stan and Susan Rosen

Brian Alberg and Bruce Finn
Food co-Chairs

Anne McLaughlin
Rentals Queen

Laura Mitchell and Robin Seeley
Auction co-Chairs

Maia Robbins-Zust
Technical Director

David Slick
Clean-up Chair

Danielle Steinmann and Rebecca Weinman
Marketing co-Chairs

Marc Bachman

Vicki Bonnington

Robin Catalano

Yuki Cohen

Janet Crawford

Catherine Delphia

Amy Elmore

Sandra French-Laughran

Mara Goodman-Davies

Julia Kaplan

Dan Mahoney

Amanda Jane Napior

Steve Nardin

Caitlin Nash

Seth Nash

Alexandra Phillips

Michael Rousseau

Mary Sipp Green

Joan Sussman

Lynn Sutton

Joshua Volff

Kathryn Wedderburn

Patti Whitehead

Bill Wright


Dinner Committee

Lucy Holland and Charlie Schulze

Anne and Martin Albert

Mary and Al Bauman

Vicki Bonnington and David Schecker

Aly Brandt and Charlie Miller

Hilary and Phillip Deely

Sarah and Tim Eustis

Mara Goodman-Davies and Justin Davies

Jim and Georgianne Harwood

Carol and Eric Haythorne

Malinka and Ken Jackson

Gwen and James Jurney

Nancy K. Kalodner

Julia Kaplan

Margaret and Paul Lindenmaier

Katie and Steve Lipkins

Carolann and Tony Patterson

Claire and John Pollart

Deb and Bill Ryan

Rosita Sarnoff and Beth Sapery

Barbara Shulman

Kelly Smedvig

Robin and Michael Tesoro

Heather Wells and Matthew Heim

Cynthia Wick and Channing Gibson

Arthur Cape and Patti Whitehead

Mark and Liz Williams